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Orbeetle V Collection Box

Orbeetle V Collection Box


Orbeetle V is all brain—a quality that clever Pokémon Trainers can leverage to their advantage. Its immense intellect packs a major psychic punch that will leave your opponents wondering what's coming next. This Bug- and Psychic-type Pokémon is ready to help you soar above the competition with a themed Pokémon TCG box! Channel Orbeetle's intelligence in Pokémon TCG battles with booster packs and two foil cards featuring Orbeetle V.


Each sealed Orbeetle V Collection box contains:

- 4 Pokemon TCG booster Packs

- 1 Promo featuring Orbeetle V

- 1 Jumbo promo Featuring Orbeetle V

- 1 code card for the Pokemon TCG online

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