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Legends of Galar Tin - Bundle of 2 (Zacian/Zamazenta)

Legends of Galar Tin - Bundle of 2 (Zacian/Zamazenta)


Strike fear into the hearts of your Pokémon Trading Card Game opponents when you unleash one of the Galar region's Legendary Pokémon! Choose the brave blade of Zacian V or the dauntless shield of Zamazenta V in the Pokémon TCG: Legends of Galar Tin. Each of these fantastic tins contains a super-powerful Pokémon V, with the moves to cut, guard, and triumph in your next Pokémon battle.


Each sealed Legends of Galar Tin contains:

- 4 Pokemon TCG booster packs

- 1 of 2 Promos featuring Zacian V or Zamazenta V

- 1 code card for the Pokemon TCG online

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