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    Hello my name is Sarah and welcome to my store, I’d like to share a little of my back story with you and explain what motived me to create and run this store. When I was a little girl, as a treat for being good my father would buy single booster packs from time to time, he’d put them on the kitchen table waiting for me to return from school. I can remember being so excited to open the packs and see what was inside however, my father doing as parents do would make sure I’d done all my homework and eaten all my dinner before being allowed to open them only building the suspense further. When the time came we sat together and opened the packs hoping for something rare and shiny. As time passed and my stack of cards grew we started to arrange the cards into sets and organise them into folders, it was exciting to pull a card and complete a row in my folder and eventually an entire set. I enjoyed looking through the cards and learning the names of the Pokemon whilst watching the cartoon series on TV, Vaporeon was my favourite. As I grew older times changed as did my interests, the collections were put to one side and began to collect dust…

    The passing of my father was a very dark time for me and my young family; it was the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in my life. My father was my rock and I miss him dearly each and every day. Whilst sorting through his possessions I came across the Pokemon cards he’d bought me and that we had collated together and all the amazing memories came flooding back.

    Reunited with my old collections and fond memories I started to learn more about how Pokemon had developed and moved on over the years and I started to collect again. I joined communities of likeminded people on the internet, made friends and began to trade cards. I started to sell my unwanted singles on Ebay and over the years this developed into selling all kinds of products. I thought perhaps I can take something I enjoy and make a living from it? And that brings me to this website, it is my first step of independence from the high fees of ebay and the likes and the opportunity to branch out into other types of trading card games and products. I hope you find what you are looking for and come back in the future please contact me with any constructive feedback.



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